Frequently Asked Questions


What Is is an on demand insurance app that provides protection for people and things that matter. We are a registered corporate agent of established insurers who underwrite the protection plans we offer.

What Is On Demand Insurance?

On Demand Insurance allows you to get protection for people and things anytime, anywhere and gives you the option to also cancel your plan anytime.

Where Can I Download App?

You can download our app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Is App Free?

Yes is a free mobile app.


What Kind Of Protection Plans Does Offer?

We offer protection for the following:

  • accidental damage covering mobile and electronic devices
  • personal accident for you and your family
  • lifestyle protection like active mobility and online shopping
Does Underwrite Your Own Plans?

No, we do not underwriter our own plans. We work with A-Rated Insurers who underwrite all our plans.

What Insurance Companies Does Work With?

We work with various A-rated Insurers who provide the underwriting for the different protection plans we offer.

How Is’s Protection Plans Different From Traditional Insurance Policies?

Our custom plans remove ancillary coverage found in traditional policies so that you only pay for what you want to be covered. This means you generally pay less for the main coverage and you are given the option to add on coverage if you feel you need them.

What Is The Cost Of A Protection Plan?

This depends on what you want to protect. Most of our plans are available for a low monthly fee with the option to cancel anytime. In this way, you only pay when you want to be covered.

What Is Zero Excess?

In insurance policies an excess or deductible is the sum you are required to pay when you make a claim. All our plans have Zero Excess, meaning you do not need to pay anything when you make a claim.

Is Available For Everyone? is currently only available for Singaporeans, people with a student pass or working visa and permanent residents in Singapore.


How Do I File A Claim?

All our claims are app based and you will be able to file claims directly from our app.

How Long Does It Take To Process A Claim?

All our claims are processed instantly if your claim documents are filed correctly. Straight forward claims are approved immediately by our platform whereas complex claims might take anywhere from 3 to 14 working days for the insurer to approve.

How Are My Claims Paid?

Your claims are paid to the bank account that you will be asked to provide when you file a claim.

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